Trainer Recertification Process

A PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer (PTAG-CPT) must not only pass their certification exam in order to work as a personal trainer. A PTAG-CPT must also fulfill regular, continuing education requirements to ensure they are keeping up with industry research, concepts, and applications, and ensure their personal training skills and abilities are constantly improved. This is not only for the professional development of the certified personal trainer, but to protect the needs and wants of the general public, who will seek out the professional help of the trainer.

Every PTAG-CPT is required to submit a recertification application and fee to PTA Global. This fee, paid every two (2) years, is an administrative fee that supports activities required of the PTA Global Certification Board (CB) processes. The recertification fee for the PTAG-CPT credential is $99. The one-time (1x) recertification extension/restoration fees are: $30 for applications received up to 90-days post- expiration and an additional $50 for applications received after their grace period and before one year after credential expiration.

The Lifetime Certification program is a one-time fee of $299. This will eliminate the $99 payment every two years. Submission of CECs along with the completion of the recertification application every 2 years will still be required. Late fees are applicable if recertification is submitted after credential expiration.

Every two years, the PTAG-CPT must provide proof of at least 20 CECs (20 credit hours) of specific learning, study, and research.

Recertification applications can be submitted up to one year late if all continuing education courses have been completed before or within 90 days of the certification date. Additional fees will apply.

You will NOT receive CECs for obtaining a current CPR/AED certification because this is a requirement for the certification.

For complete details regarding recertification, please see our Exam Candidate Handbook.

The Recertification Application can be found HERE.