Certified Personal Trainer Disciplinary Process

PTA Global’s Certified Personal Trainers (CPT) must adhere to the Standards of Professional Practice and Code of Ethics set forth by the Certification Board. The Board’s Policies and Procedures Committee will evaluate, assess, and take disciplinary action against any PTA Global CPT who is found to be noncompliant with the requirements as outlined in PTA Global’s Standards of Professional Practice and Code of Ethics.

Anyone who finds that an exam candidate for certification as a PTA Global CPT has violated the Certification Board Code of Ethics and anyone who observes a currently certified PTA Global personal trainer violating any part of the Certification Board Code of Ethics should complete and submit a conduct violations form. Conduct violations will not be reviewed by the Certification Board without completion of this form along with evidence provided to support its claim.

All personal information, including name or contact information, will be held confidential unless required for purposes of determining facts or information in reviewing the case for conduct violation.

Specific evidence or information of Certification Board Code of Ethics conduct violation must be found before any disciplinary action will be taken.

If an exam candidate or certified individual is found to be guilty of conduct violation, the accused individual will have 45 days to appeal the Certification Board’s decision in the matter (please refer to the Appeals section of this document).

The Certification Board, in all discussions and decisions, will not discriminate, for any reason, based upon age, gender, sexual orientation, race, color, physical disability, medical condition, developmental disability, religion, creed, nationality, or ethnicity.

CPT Exam Candidate Handbook
PTA Global CPT Conduct Violation Form
PTA Global CPT Appeals Form