Personal Trainer Certification

Steps to Become a PTA Global Certified Personal Trainer

1. Purchase

Purchase the PTA Global Certfied Personal Trainer Exam.


2. Review Testing Procedures

Read the CPT Exam Candidate Handbook


3. Register

Visit our Exam Requirements page for details.

Register for the exam by scheduling an appointment with PSI testing center.


4.  Exam Day

On the exam day plan on arriving at least 30 minutes prior to actual appointment time to allow for processing and entry into examination room. Exam candidates arriving late will not be admitted to take their exam and will forfeit their examination fees. It is required to bring a proper form of identification.

Visit our Exam Requirements page for details.

NOTE: Eligible PTA Global CPT certification candidates are not required to purchase, participate, or enroll in any PTA Global educational offerings. PTA Global educational courses may be found at: