PTA Global Certification Board

The PTA Global Certification Board is a division within PTA Global that acts independently of the education side of the company and receives no financial benefits from the CPT exam, CPT courses of study, test preparation courses, or training materials. The Certification Board ensures that the process of certification, its structure, policies, procedures, and administration are upheld to the highest standards so not to compromise the integrity of the certification process.

The PTA Global Certification Board’s mission is to recognize and credential individuals who prove competence and knowledge when creating personal training programs that involve movement and overall health to members of the public in a safe, enjoyable, empathetic, efficient and professional manner.

The responsibilities of the Certification Board are as follows:

  • Maintain complete autonomy in the certification process to ensure the examination remains unbiased and fair for all individuals involved. Autonomy includes being a non-profit and voluntary group of volunteers not financially tied in any way to PTA Global Inc., a for-profit corporation.
  • Ensure that all Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) utilized in the Job Task Analysis (JTA) and Exam Development Process are impartial related to education/training leading to initial certification.
  • Adopting certification program and certification board policies and procedures and appointing ad hoc committees as required.
  • Establish, administer, and regulate policies and procedures for resolving professional and ethical concerns as it relates to the certification graduates and the examination process.
  • Ensure as the industry and needs of the industry change, the certification exam and processes change at the same pace.
  • Assist with development of examinations which assess the knowledge and skills required for the role of a professionally certified personal trainer.
  • Ensure the quality of the Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) Exam and processes meet the NCCA Standards and remain at the highest levels within the industry.
  • Electing and/or approving successive members of the Certification Board, ensuring the fitness industry is adequately represented within the Board and no member/s has excessive influence.
  • Ensure that anyone who has applied and is eligible, can attempt the certification exam, and that the policies and procedures are clear and precise to enable ease of understanding and adequate completion of requirements.
  • Certification Board:
    PTA Global Certification Board
    32107 Lindero Canyon Rd. #233
    Westlake Village, CA 91361

    Email :

    Certification Board Policies, Procedures, and Forms.

    For more information on the PTA Global Certification Board, its members, and how to apply for a position on the board, click here.